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Вопрос: At first I had long hair and a bald spot was formed in the parietal zone. The hair was thinning a little from the head top too. Then I buzzed my hair, and on the head top it stopped growing, but on the sides and behind it still grows as before. I used different drugs (Minox, Forcless (Mexico), Minomax, Rogaine, Kirkland) for 2 years, and my hair had regrown a little. Now I cut my hair short (3-5 mm). My problem remains for 2-3 years already, and its degree is 4 or 5 (as I think)!
Вопрос: I am 25, and I don’t want to use finasteride for baldness treatment. I’m interested in the answer to the question I asked initially, namely: How shall I use Minox 5 and Minox 10 simultaneously? What dosage shall I follow?
Вопрос: I have the initial (second) stage of baldness. My hair is thick, but there are bald areas on the front of the head. Can Minox 5 help me regrow my hair? http://joxi.ru/82399Lwc6Egk9r
Вопрос: I have been using Minox 5 for beard growth for about a month, and there is still no result, although I used Pilfud Bosnalek for a month and hair appeared a month later (when I bought Minox 5, it stopped growing). Can Minox have a weak effect, as it contains components that block dehydrotestosterone, which in turn affects the beard growth? Thank you!
Вопрос: I used Minox 5 for about 18 days, but one bottle ended and I opened the second one. During the use of Minox 5, I had allergy. The doctor said the reason for the allergy is spray and advised to stop using it for some time. What shall I do?
Вопрос: Does hair impede while applying Minox 5?
Вопрос: My hair is falling every 12 years: it has been for the third time already. My doctor said the reason is helminths. I started to use Minox 5 a month ago. The hair grows only on some areas. How long shall I use Minox before the hair is completely renovated? Can I use Minox 5 during pregnancy? UPD: Admin. Questions came from one person, so we combined them.
Вопрос: The thing is I have lost all the hair. It started to regrow on the top of the head so far, and it grows for already 2 months. Helminths expulsion process is already completed. How long shall I use Minox?
Вопрос: I use Minox 5 for 2 weeks. I am 30, and I have frontotemporal bald areas (3 stage of baldness). I saw very short and fluffy hair (1 mm) on the entire head area. If there are such hairs, does that mean the follicles are alive? Can I continue to use Minox 5, or should I start using Minox 10 after I finish my Minox 5 bottle? I’ve read a lot on the Internet that I need Minox 10 on my forehead. I also use Vichy shampoo with aminexil.
Вопрос: How shall I spray the lotion on my head? Is it necessary to rub it in after applying? My hair is somewhat thin. It is impossible for me to spray the lotion in such a way it does not contact the hair. Are there any videos that can explain how shall I apply the lotion?
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